An Alaskan Adventure

Hello Again

It has been a LONG LONG while since I’ve posted anything…the internet here is ungodly slow..and there just seems to be so much more to do than be on a computer. The past month:

-the snow melted

-the rivers started flowing again

-it’s hotter than hell

-the mosquito population has exploded

-all the coworkers have arrived, and I love every single one of them

-I climbed my first mountain!!!

-the rv is treating me well

-went to town with a bunch of friends and had a blast, got tattoos.

Life here is pretty awesome. Tomorrow is the dreaded 23rd birthday. I will make the most of it, and try to have a good time and be a good sport. 

Still awaiting more mail!!!


Finding furry four legged friends everywhere I go…

suzismom said: Do you get the whole RV to yourself?

Yes I do, lucky me!

1:30 am walk home. It’s so bright out…

Billie’s hostel

Billie’s hostel

Yesterday afternoon I flew into town to see a doctor about this rash that has started to make my life miserable…we took bets to see what it was (because just like at home, everyone in coldfoot is also a doctor….lol). Turns out Kathy was right, the doctor thinks it an allergic reaction to the detergent we use at the camp. So I’ve got a prescription for some steroids and some cream to rub all over my itchy dry skin. Very happy it’s not serious.
Brian picked me up from the NATC office, and kindly took me around to run my errands. He even took me out to a fancy dinner!! (Thanks again Brian!!) We went to the Pump House, and I had a very delicious beer and a smoked salmon and shrimp curry pasta. Omg the salmon was amazingggggggggggg!!!! I don’t even remember what Brian ordered I was so into my own meal.
After that we did some shopping at Fred Meyers, where I spent too much money on things I needed…or I hope I need…tequila factoring into that. Tequila is a necessity for those of you wondering. It is. I swear. (Sorry mom and dad)
Anywho..I arrived at Billie’s around 8 and started to unpack lightly and change. Couldn’t decide what to do so I asked another girl staying here where the closest bar was. Turns out its about half a mile down the road…score. This place is called the Marlin. College bar in college town, UAF is literally across the street. I met some cool dudes and we all got to talking about where we came from, why we’re here, where we’re going…one of them works for Princess Lodges, the other is waiting to fly out to Eagle I think, to work for the national park. Very cool people, and it seems like everyone there knew everyone there, or at least pretended to. I felt like I knew them too…weirdness. So one pizza and order of cheesy bread later we were ready for bed an all parted ways. I’m pretty sure I woke up everyone when I got back to billie’s. I’ll post a few pictures of the place soon.
That’s my night in town! Flying back home to coldfoot around 7pm. Can’t wait to be back actually…

Xoxo Suz

Fiona, Josh, Asako, Marlena, and Dave’s going away fire :)

This is what we do to pass the time….

Walking frozen Slate Creek. It was super awesome to walk along, on top of, and even in the creek as it thaws. Pretty cool to see the different stages also.

camdais said: The board game was probably Settlers of Catan if they're still obsessed with that haha! I've worked in Coldfoot the past two summers and I'm coming up again in ten days!!

Awesome! I’ll see you then!

Walking the mining trail with Leo <3

Walking down one of the mining trails.

My Summer Home.

This thing was in pretty bad shape the other day when I went inside to have a look.  I decided it would be worth the hard work to clean it out and make it livable.  Now I’ll be living in this during summer instead of a tent.  Either would make me happy though.. funny thing is that I’ve always wanted a dodge tioga to live and travel I can practice! 



So the internet here is starting to not work…apparently this happens…

Probably going to start posting about once or twice a week. 

I will however do my best to post new pictures tonight.

Love you all,


First Day of Work

Yesterday was the big day, and I must say it went rather well.  I made some soup, rice pudding, and worked the breakfast line a bit.  


I made a raspberry cake with lemon buttercream and lemon chips..then I made cookies and didn’t burn them! Of course the buttercream gave me some trouble at the beginning, and I was very frustrated with it, but I calmed myself down and was able to fix the problem. Oh and I also made some raspberry lemon cake balls for my coworkers. Good reviews so far..

I’m starting to really get the hang of things I think, and I’m super excited for the rest of the summer..assuming it actually warms up. Lol.

Ok well I’m beat, gonna go hop in bed for a little early morning nap.

Have a wonderful week, friends.